Make huge flowers for your spring time Bulletin Boards

Your house is the place where you spend most of your relaxing time. This is a good enough reason to try and decorate it as often as possible with the coming of each season. Spring is a season when flowers bloom, when everything is colored and comes to life. Your house makes no excuse from it.

Therefore, let us learn how to make spring flowers for your blooming house.

Things to use:

  • 7 sheets of a single color
  • 1 sheet of yellow color for stamen
  • 1 sheet of black paper
  • 3 sheets of green paper of different colors
  • glue gun
  • pencil
  • scissors

Things to do

  1. While making a huge flower may sound a “huge”deal, actually there is not so much into it. Start by creating the shape of the petal – this template you will use it to make all the 7 petals. It will be far easier to work on a template and all the petals will look similar. For this, you will need the pencil to draw. After creating the template, start copying it on every petal page. Then just take the scissors and start cutting the shapes.
  2. In order to give it a little texture start folding each petal shape so that each fold will meet in the middle. What your shape should look like, is an accordion.
  3. At this point, you have the petals already formed and it is high time to create the flower. Start by gluing each petal together, over the other. This way, it will create the flower aspect you actually want. You may start with forming the center of the petal using 3 of them, and then continue with the other 4 to create the outer part of the flower.
  4. Every flower needs to have stamen in order to really be considered a flower. Therefore, take the yellow paper and draw a circle in it. Cut the circle as it is now a big yellow circle formed.
  5. After having cut the yellow circle create a smaller circle from the black paper. This will represent the interior of the stamina. It will actually have to enter in the yellow circle. Cut it as well with the scissors. 
  6. Here comes the “messy”part. You have to cut towards the center of the black circle in order to have small strips. This means a lot of cutting and attention. 
  7. After cutting the strips start bending them towards the center of the circle. It will form just as an interior of a flower. 
  8. Use the same technique of cutting strips with the yellow circle. This time the strips will be longer and they will have to surround the black ones. So make sure you do not cut them very deep to the inside. 
  9. Curl the yellow strips inside as well. Just like you did with the black ones. Now you have the flower stamen ready to be attached to the flower. 
  10. Take the glue and put the flower stamen right in the center of the flower. This really looks like a real flower to you, does it not? Now if you want to have a real flower with leaves and all, you have to start creating them as well. Take the green paper, fold it inside and draw a leave using the margins. When you open it, here you have your leave. Do as many as you would like in order to satisfy your artistic needs. Cut the shape out and do the same until you have the needed number.
  11. Glue 2 of the leaves together, then another two and attach them to the bottom of the flower.

Here you have your big home spring flower.



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