Make Glittery switch plates for your home

Customization of home is always a matter of class. It is all about paying the attention to the smallest and tiniest things of home. You want to change your seat cushions or adding or removing your home wall or make some crafty things, there are a lot to do for your home and your home decoration. You own can make your home.


Now I am very excited to create custom electrical outlet and switch plates. It will be a nice surprise for a little girls room with the decorated electrical outlet and switch plates. You can also change the little girl’s room’s furniture and paints. It will be good for the girl to customize the room.

Now keep on reading to see how to do the simple work of glittery switch plates for your little one.

1) At first you have to buy some switch or outlet cover and some crafty tape. The cover might be plastic or metal. It is not much matter. The matter is to spared from when I overhauled the greater part of the outlet and switch blankets once again around the time that I moved into the house. The plastic model sold in the market cost as low as 25 cent each.


You can buy 3 or 4 type of designed tape to do this. 4 tapes may cost you less than 8$. What kind of design you choose fully depends  on you and your personality. Even all the tapes do not complementary to one anther, be sure that it will look very nice and charming.


2) Now  cover the switch plates in any configuration. Experiment yourself. Try using the glittery or the patterned tape. You can use only glitter tape or pattern tape or you can combine them. You can even use the dotted tape. It will look fabulous.



3) Trim the tape lines to fit your outlet. You should tabs on having no less than a 1/2″ wrap around the rear of every spread, and give careful consideration to how the tape secured the right to gain entrance gaps and screw openings. When totally secured, utilized an exact cut on a cardboard surface to cut away any hindering tape.


4) Put back the switch cover where it belongs and enjoy the new stunning look of the new outlet cover. And enjoy the new way of discovering the redesigned room for your little one.

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