Make faux leather lampshade

Want to make a faux leather lampshade? Regarding making an astonishing lather lampshade that looks and feels like the genuine. Now let’s make it.


Materials and Tools:

  • 2 brown paper bags
  • spray bottle with water
  • plain lampshade
  • gel medium
  • foam brush
  • rag
  • 2 yds. ribbon
  • antique buttons  or brads
  • hot glue




1. Begin with a huge bit of plain tan paper bag. Splash pack with water and fold into a ball. Uncrumple bag and tear into estimated pieces.

2. Utilizing gel medium and a froth brush, paste torn bits of paper in a covering example to the lampshade. Apply the medium to both the fronts and backs of the torn papers.

3. The point when the paper is dry, paste trim around the top and lowest part edges of the lampshade. Adorn shade with dabs or brad

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