Make Eyelet Headband by yourself

This sweet felt headband is a pretty good looking craft that characteristics a traditional eyelet impact made essentially with hole punches. Felt is an extraordinary sewing medium in light of the fact that you can cut it fit as a shape as you need and it requires no fixing. This headband meets up rapidly, so you can make one for the greater part of your companions!



  • 18″ x 18″/46 cm x 46 cm 2 mm wool felt
  • Bit, pencil, or other sharp object
  • 1/4″/6 mm (standard-estimated) hole punch
  • 1/8″/3 mm (small) hole punch
  • 6″/15 cm strip 1/2″/12 wide elastic




Note: You just require a 18″ x 2″/46 cm x 5 cm bit of felt for this project, yet 2 mm felt is accessible in 18″ x 18″/46 cm x 46 cm sheets


Step 1: Cut felt.

Remove the Eyelet Headband model from the example sheet. The back side of the felt, follow the scalloped profile of the headband onto the felt and cut it out with a little, sharp scissors.

Step 2: Trace and punch out design.

Utilizing a bit or sharp pencil, poke through the paper to stamp the position of the gaps. With the standard-size hole punch, punch out the inside rings. At that point utilize the mini hole punch to punch out the littler outlet circles.

Step 3: Sew elastic.

Fold under the crude end of the elastic and sew it to one end of the backside of the felt piece utilizing a straight stitch.  Attempt the headband on to conform the fit, then overlap under the flip side of the elastic and sew it down to the opposite end of the felt piece.


* Make any kind of headband in your decision of materials utilizing these extents. Attempt cutting one from plain fleece felt and sewing on your most beloved trims.

* Use the hole punched felt thought to make a necklace, wrist trinket, or other fleece felt frill.

* Add felt flowers, a patterned fabric support, or different portions to make it your own.

* Cut definite eyelet outlines into the felt utilizing a craft knife.

* To fit a youngster’s head, essentially abbreviate the length by a couple of inches.

* Add beaded details to dress it up.

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