Make Bell, Bead and Wire Wind Chime for your home

Create a beautiful wind chime. It just need heavy gauge copper wire, coins and bells. I am now showing you how to make it.


Let’s see what materials and tools you need.

1. 30″ piece 8 awg bare copper wire

2. 6″ piece 8 awg bare copper wire

3. 20-guage copper wire

4. globules

5. generally useful pincers

6. round-nosed forceps

7. needle-nosed forceps

8. wire cutters

9. overwhelming job wire cutters

10. chimes

11. create scissors

12. covering tape



1. Wrap the serrated tips of the generally useful pincers with the veiling tape to avert defacing of the wire. Utilizing these pincers, make a shut circle roughly 1″ in distance across in one end of the 30″ bit of 8 awg copper wire. Keep winding the first 11″ of the wire with the forceps and your hands to shape an even winding. Repeat this strategy to structure an alternate circle in the opposite end of the 8 awg wire.


2. Handle a winding in every hand and fold the two spirals in to each other. Keep twisting the wire the distance around to make a circle in the middle of  the wire, between the two spirals. This will be the highest point of the wind rings.

3. Curtail a 4″ piece from the 20-measure wire with the wire cutters. Hold the wire 1/2″ from the closure with the round-nosed pincers to structure a circle. Snare this circle around the base most part of one of the spirals from step 1. Notwithstanding utilize the needle-nosed forceps to wrap the remaining 20-check wire two to three times underneath the circle to secure the circle. Trim any overabundance wire with the wire cutters, if fundamental.

4. Slide five dots onto the 20-measure wire, then make an alternate wrapped wire circle in the inverse end of it utilizing the same strategy as a part of step 3.

5. Rehash step 3 in any case, this time, join the wire to the circle made in step 4. Abandon this wire uncovered and essentially structure a wrapped wire circle in the inverse end.

6. Reduce a 3″ piece from the 20-check wire. Structure a wrapped circle in one end, snaring this one through the bottom of the wire from step 5. Add a solitary dot to this wire and structure a wrapped circle at the bottom of it.

7. Rehash step 3 however join this wire to the bottom circle from the past step. String one dot onto it and structure a circle in the inverse end. String this wire through the highest point of one of the ringers, then wrap the wire two to three times on the circle to secure it. Trim any abundance wire as essential with the wire cutters.

8. Rehash steps 3 through 7, snaring the first piece around the lowest part circle of the top pieces, other winding.

9. Rehash steps 3 through 6, connecting the first piece to the focal point circle of the top piece. Add an alternate exposed wire to this third string, emulated by a wire holding five dots. Finalize off this series of wires with an exposed wire. Snare the lowest part circle through the highest point of a chime and wrap the wire above the band a few times. Trim any overabundance wire away as fundamental.

10. Handle one end of the 6″ bit of the 8 awg wire with the generally useful forceps. Twist the wire into an open circle pretty nearly 1″ in measurement. Rehash this with the flip side of the wire, with the exception of curve it in the inverse bearing to make a snare fit as a fiddle of a “S.”

11 Slip one side of the “S” snare through the focal point circle of the top piece, between the two spirals. Notwithstanding uncover a roof snare in a windy put and hang the wind rings there.

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