Make a Decorative Tree Out Of Newspaper !

Craft you will need:

  • – Seven large sheets of newspaper;   Make a Decorative Tree Out Of Newspaper !
  • – PVA glue;
  • – Brush;
  • – Varnish;
  • – Gouache;

Start making the trees:

Of the seven sheets of newspapers, you will have 30 tubes. For crafts you will need about 28 pieces. Take 15 newspaper tubes and bind them together using thread and flat paper. Then, constantly oiling glue newspaper tube, wrap her trunk in a spiral to the desired height. After that, you need to split into two newspaper barrel not equal parts. This is to ensure that your tree looked like now. Now you need to wrap each piece tubes.


Continue the needlework . Exactly the same way you need to divide each “branch” and wrap it with additional newspaper tubes. It should be done as long as the branches, there will be only one tube.





Now cut your branches to the desired length, about 15 inches and shape curls. Then wrap the trunk several times newspaper tubes, it will give the tree trunk thickening and greater stability.



Now your needlework must be covered with a mixture of PVA glue and white gouache. This action will help you get rid of newspaper text, especially if you use for crafts light varnish. Once the paint is dry with lacquer, wood need to varnish and allow to dry completely. Your “news” tree is ready.




With this craft , from the newspapers, you can weave not only wood but also the various vases, napkin holders, pencil holders and more. Time for such work does not need a lot, and eventually get a wonderful and original product. How to create other crafts made ​​of newspaper tubes, we will tell you later.


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