Love this idea, it would be a sweet thing to tuck into a kids suitcase when they go to camp, or when husband out of town

As we are so very used with our kids around us till about 10 years old … or with our husband being at home, it is hard to let them go be it in camp or in a work delegation. We always want them to remember us no matter where they are and we should come up with different ideas for this.

The below one is a very nice one and it does occupy little space. Just look!

Things to use:

  • Medicine separator
  • Candies/chocolate
  • Piece of paper
  • Scissors
  • Pen

Things to do:

  1. Buy a seven days’ medicine box separator. It will be more helpful if the one that you buy has a bigger space in each separator. Buy some milk chocolate, candies or whatever you know your loved one likes and put little of them in each separator. You can put different treats in different days, so that they will not get bored with the same treat each day. Prepare a piece of paper and cut it quite narrow; as it must fit in each separator. Take the pen and write a love note on each.
  2. Fold the narrow papers as they fit in each separator and put them in. Now close the little love box and put it in one’s bag.

Be there for them even though you are part.




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