Lip Nail Art: How to DIY the Look At Home


Step 1: Paint all of your nails with a base color. We chose a nude, using Maybelline’s Neutral Statement.


Step 2: Outline the lips using a fine tip brush on the middle finger and thumb. Be sure to give yourself enough room to fill them in later. We used a light red for the outline, choosing Essie’s Meet Me At Sunset.


Step 3: After giving some seconds to let your lips dry, take a thicker brush and fill in the lips you simply followed with the lighter red polish.


Step 4: While you’re sitting tight for your lips to dry, add a bit of flare to the rest of your nails by striping them with white shiner and a long, thin brush.


Step 6: Now that the lips are dry, you need to put dimentions to them. Wherever there would characteristically be shadow, include a minor bit of a deeper red shade (Butter London in Pillar Box) and take the white shiner to where there be a highlight. However, be sure to utilize two, distinctive little brushes to do so.


Step 7: Now just add a top coat and show off your lips nail art!




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