Knots and Stitches for Craft-Loving Hands

I never thought I’d be interested in crocheting. The earliest memories I have of crocheting were with one of my aunts, Aunt Fiona. She wasn’t really a blood relative but a very close friend of my mom who I treated like another mom.

She was very talented and could do a lot of things with her hands, which to my 10 year old mind at the time, simply looked like magic.

Crochet iPhone Case – Quick and Easy Pattern

Aunt Fiona was the one who taught me how to sew my own clothes from scratch. She was very forward-thinking because she said there would be a day when people who knew how to sew their own clothes would be as rare as three-headed chickens.

I found that funny at the time, but now, I see how smart she was about it all. I also learned how to quilt from her, but when she tried to teach me how to knit, nothing came out of it. She also tried to teach me to crochet, and again, it was an excellent exercise at failing.

But since my Aunt Fiona died, I’ve missed her, and have been wanting to learn how to crochet, to kind of honor her memory, somewhat… Good thing I saw a blog post about crocheting in the Dabbles and Babbles site:

It’s a very good write-up about making a unique kind of iphone case that would surely be a conversation piece.

Pictures and Instructions

There are photographs of the finished crocheted iphone case, so you can for yourself what it would look like once you finish one.

It’s rather cute, and though I don’t like green myself, I was thinking it’s easy to choose another yarn color anyway.

Jamey, the owner of the blog, gave very clear instructions on how to make the case. She also gave a very thoughtful link reference to some basics of crocheting which are very useful for people like me, who aren’t really sure if I could still remember what the abbreviations stood for (turns out I didn’t, so good job, Jamey and thanks for the link!).

Clear and Concise

I couldn’t believe it at first, that were only six steps which I had to follow in making my crocheted iphone case.

I had thought it would so much more difficult than that.

Sometime after I started, I suddenly realized why I failed at both knitting and crocheting when it was my Aunt Fiona who was trying to teach me. Not that she wasn’t a good teacher or anything like that, in fact she was very patient with me, but what I missed out on, that the Dabbles and Babbles blog gave was motivation.

See, Aunt Fiona never showed a finished product first. Remember how I told you that what she came up with looked magical in my eyes?

Well that’s because I had nothing to imagine it with, her creations. I was just a kid then, so my thoughts were mostly about toys and playing and my friends in school… I had no way of imagining what a crocheted scarf would look like, much less a whole crocheted piano cover, which was the project that Aunt Fiona wanted me to do with her.

But as I said, with Babbles and Dabbles, you get a picture of the finished product right away, so it’s all cool. Check it out:

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