Installing Cabinet Doors


Installing new cabinet doors is not difficult, but plan to spend plenty of time so that the doors hang straight, are evenly spaced and operate smoothly. Attach the cabinet hardware to the door first, and then hang the door on the cabinet face frame. You can work on the doors in your kitchen, but protect them from scratches by using a soft cloth or clamping them in an upright position. When drilling pilot holes for the hinge screws, take care not to drill all the way through the door.






Step 1

Step 1: Attach the hinges to the back of the new doorAttach the hinges to the back of the new door, 2 inches from the top and bottom. Use three hinges, evenly spaced, if the door is taller than 30 inches.

Step 2

Step 2: Mark reference line on the top face frame rail using masking tapeUse tape to mark a reference line on the top face frame rail. This will help you keep the tops of the doors aligned. The door should be centered over the door opening.

Step 3

Step 3: Position the door over the opening, align the top edge with the tape reference linePosition the door over the opening, aligning the top edge with the tape reference line. Mark one hinge location on the face frame with tape.

Step 4

Step 4: Align hinge locations  & drill pilot holes in the face frameOpen up the hinges and position the door against the edge of the face frame so the hinges are aligned with the tape marking the hinge locations. Drill pilot holes into the face frame, anchor the hinges to the face frame with the mounting screws, and then remove the tape.

Step 5

Step 5: Attach door handles or knobs on any door catch hardwareAttach door handles or knobs and any door catch hardware. Follow the manufacturer’s directions to install the hardware.


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