Installing a Tub Spout


Replacing your tub spout is a simple home improvement project that requires only a few tools and materials, and is fairly easy to complete.





Step 1

Step 1: Disconnect the old spoutFirst, disconnect the old spout. Check under the spout to see if there’s a setscrew. If so, loosen and slide it off the spout. If there’s no setscrew, use a pipe wrench to unscrew the spout from the threaded pipe. But be careful not to twist too tightly, because you can damage the spout nipple, especially if it’s made of copper. Liberally apply joint compound to the nipple thread

Step 2

Step 2: Install the new spout over the pipeInstall the new spout. Slide the new spout over the pipe, make sure it’s snug to the wall, and tighten the screw. If it’s a threaded pipe, screw on the spout by hand. If it needs further tightening, put tape over the teeth of the water-pump pliers to prevent scratching, and tighten until the spout is snug.

Step 3

Step 3: Run silicone caulk around the spoutRun silicone caulk around the spout, wiping off the excess. Make sure you allow the caulk to dry before using the new spout.


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