Inexpensive DIY Canvas Art


I requested six canvas prints from Artscow for $16 each.  They were 16 by 20 and not extended, the pictures stretched out to the end of the canvas and it came moved up. When they arrived we headed to the tool shop to purchase MDF-it was less than $10 a sheet.


When home my dear husband cut the mdf into 14.5 by 18.5 pieces. While he was working diligently I gathered the rest of the supplies-spread glue and what else, a craft glue gun!


To wrap the canvas around the mdf I laid my canvas face down on a bit of froth (to secure from the front of the canvas) and splashed my wood with glue and laid it on top. Be cautious for overspray with the glue its insane sticky in the event that you get it on anything you don’t expect to!

After checking twice the wood was focused on the canvas I utilized craft glue to connect one side of the canvas to the wood. Next I moved to the OPPOSITE side and hot stuck it too, being certain to draw the canvas firmly over the wood. Then move forward and do the same to the rest of the sides, collapsing over in the corners. (When beginning to paste the last two sides I began on the corners then stuck the center segment to avoid wrinkles)


Done.  Pat yourself on the back and hang that art!







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