How you will make stamped wrapping paper by your own hand

Almost everyone love to make custom made gift wrap, but how does it by his/her own? Many does not get enough time to make it or some don’t afford much time making it. So today I am going to share you a quick and easy plan on how to  come up with a crafty little stamp to decorate your wrapping paper using some very simple and ordinary materials found in every home. It is simple, inexpensive and and obviously customizable.

Now keep on reading to see how this wrapping paper stamping project can be made.

To make a wrapping paper, at first you will need to have One piece of scrap wood, vinyl foam weatherseal, tissue paper, and acrylic paint of your choice.

1) On your scrap wood, amass a pattern with weatherseal. I picked an up to date configuration utilizing triangles, but stripes, or a more unpredictable example of pattern can be made. Weathersealing wound up being an incredible stamping material on the grounds that one side of it is sticky, since it i intended to stick to moulding and seal drafty entryways. As its vinyl, it likewise opposes being spongey, so the paint you use to stamp stays on the furthest part of the stamp. Furthermore since its frothy, you can mush it a spot to guarantee you’re getting an even paint requisition. I could continue forever, I adore the stuff.

Stick it straight onto the scrap wood however you imagine your stamp look.

2) When the is attached and secured in it’s place, then you just have pull out the upper paper of weathersealing to peep for stamping.



3) At the next step you will have to choose the color. After  choosing the paint color just spread it a bit of it on a smooth surface. Now slowly press your stamp into the paint. You can put some paint on the back side of a paper plate or a steel plate and smooth it out with a paint brush.


4) Now it turns out to be the easiest part of this. Just apply the stamp to your wrapped gift. You have to keep in mind that, you must have press gently. After every press on the wrapping gift you can re -coat the stamp every time.


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