How to Slice a Strawberry

Today you will learn how to Slice a Strawberry with equitably and super simple to do! Have you ever considered utilizing your egg slicer??? I have never considered it previously, yet then Melissa said it to me. I thought to myself I can’t accept this time I was doing it without anyone else’s help with a blade. So a few days ago I required some sliced strawberries for some of my guests. I couldn’t imagine how simple it was! Next time you need cut strawberries make certain to take a stab at utilizing your egg slicer.



1. Wash your strawberry and place in the egg slicer.

2. Bring the slicer down on the strawberry.

3. Pick strawberry slices up off the egg slicer and place in bowl or plate.

4. Continue until all strawberries are sliced.

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