How to Paint a Dress


Do you know that, you can paint your dress with paint? Yes, you can. The key to mix the paint with fabric, which can be bought in any craft store. Here is another picture of what a painted dress can be look like:


I used light gray color to make the paint. Then I created a triangle shaped stamp. I folded a small, square cardboard box diagonally creating a right triangle. Then I covered the bottom with foil. Because, the cardboard shouldn’t be wet by the paint.


It is important to put the dress on a mannequin because, the triangle need to be printed and aligned correctly. So I put my dress on it and started stamping very carefully. From my view, the bust was the most difficult part  because of the extra fabric.


The stamp was doing well but I never want to leave the crisp lines. So at the last touch I used paint brush to do the final touch.


It’s definitely not perfect, but I actually don’t mind.  It has a lot of character.


I have to say that, the dress was a little stiff. It didn’t flow very well with movement.


But the good news is more and more you will wash the cloth, it will be softer. And if the dress has a liner underneath it, then it will not touch your skin and itch.








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