How to: Make Sparkly, Glittery Animal Christmas Ornaments


Tools and Materials

  • Plastic animals – check your local toy or craft store. I scored mine at Michael’s for 40% off each!
  • Small screw eyelets
  • Electric drill and small drill bits
  • Colored spray paint – I used Krylon Dual paint and primer in one, very helpful with the smooth surface of the plastic animals
  • Krylon Glitterblast paint – I used “Cherry Bomb,” “Posh Pink,” “Lucky Green,” and “Sparkling Waters”
  • Krylon Glitterblast clear sealer
  • String, embroidery floss, or ornament hooks



1. Uproot any tags and stickers from your animals, then use some cleanser and water to clean off any craft or toy store grime, with the goal that the paint will adhere well.


2. Start by digging a hole that is a bit little than your screw eyelet into the back of your animal. Try to drill in the focal point of piece’s weight, rather than its length, with the goal that the animal will hang equally.


3. Utilize your fingers to screw within the eyelet, turning the creature onto the strings.


4. Give the entire thing a strong base coat of colored first stage or paint. Since the Glitter blast is notably more pricey than ordinary splash paint, its an incredible approach to get a deep saturated color without utilizing normal spray paint.


5. Let it dry, and cover with Glitter blast. Make sure to shake the can for a full two minutes, then use short spurts of sparkle to cover the entire thing – back, front, and belly.

At that point, give it a cover of Glitter blast clear sealer, which’ll keep the sparkle on your critters and off your Christmas tree.

There you go. My dreams have actually worked out as expected. Also that is the thing that the Christmas season is about. 🙂

Euphoric Glitterdays!

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