How to make Fairy Flower Dolls

Materials and Tools:


  • porcelain doll parts (head, arms and legs)
  • 1 foam ball (proportioned to the doll parts)
  • little, medium and large silk flowers
  • foam glue
  • silk leaves
  • plastic mug
  • glass pebbles
  • strips
  • rhinestones
  • little fair wings


1. Join the doll head and arms to the foam ball. When they are in the right position, put hot glue in place.

2. Break separated the silk flowers. Hot glue the petals over the ball, filling in all spaces. Right now is the ideal time to get inventive, including additional portions around the doll’s head and hands. Add petals to make shoes, caps, sleeves, and so forth.

3. Heated glue silk leaves around the plastic cup, covering the leaves until the container surface is totally secured. Fill the cup with glass pebbles and hot glue the decorated ball onto the highest point of the cup.

4. Tie a ribbon around the cup. Paste wings, rhinestones and ribbons to the flowers fairy for added embellishment.

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