How to Make Decorative Trays for Wedding

A marriage is a rather expensive deal or part, however you want to call it. Giving it a more personalized touch and as well saving some money is a good idea. For this you just have to give it some time and as well some thought into it. Then, at the actual wedding party, you will feel satisfied that you have put some of your time into it.

Things to use:

  • tray the shape of your choice
  • colored paper of your choice
  • stars, hearts, moons or some catchy things that go well with your theme
  • personalize them with pictures or photos

Things to do:

  1. Choose the shape and material of the tray of your choice. This has to go well with the theme of the wedding. Then decide on the number of the needing trays – shall them be on each table or on the buffet table? How many?01
  2. Cut the exact shape you need and put some colored paper on its bottom, in order to give it a more colored and alive look.
  3. On the bottom of the tray, add some personal touch like heart shapes, or pearls, or stars. This will have to go well with the wedding theme and with the dress of the bride.  You can even use them as a support for your wedding favors. Below you can see some of the ideas for different wedding themes.









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