How to make a terrarium

Embellishing your house with terrariums made by yourself sounds a little bit too exagerrated. Well, you can see below that it is not actually, as you only need one of your hours.

Things to use:

  • different shape glass containers, jars
  • various succulents
  • succulent Soil
  • activated Charcoal
  • little Rocks
  • moss

Things to do:

  1. Prepare all the jars and  recipients to have in handy when you form your terrariums.
  2. Take the rocks and put them at the bottom of the glass recipient.This will help the soil to keep humid. 
  3. Now it is time to put some moss – the colour of your choice, as it can be found in different colors. After the moss add some soil, to have a ground on where to put the rest of the leaves and pebbels. You can add another layer of moss as well. 

In order to keep it a long time from now on you need to water it. Do not over water it as it can lead to the death of the plant. It is better to water fewer than more. It will form a beautiful embelishement and as well give a nice design to your house and a zen feeling to everyone around the house.


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