How to Make A Succulent Terrarium


Supplies You Need to Make A Succulent Terrarium:

  • Vase or jar with large opening
  • Small stones, pebbles, or gravel for drainage
  • Soil, preferably cactus mix, as it retains little moisture
  • Succulent plants of your choice
  • Sand (we used white, but you can find lots of colors online or at a local pet store)
  • Garden ornaments  or rocks (optional accents) Use birds, snails, mushrooms; large river rocks; glass spiders and bugs

Bowls like this are very easy to find at florists and nurseries, craft stores.

You can find Succulents in many kind of variety like many color, many shapes. 

Step 1.

At first prepare a medium sized jar or a vase with a large opening.

Step 2.

Place some small stones in the bottom of the jar.

Step 3.

Add some soil so that you can let the plant roots.

Step 4.

Now remove the plants from the pot and place it into the jar and gently press it.

Step 5.

Continue to transplant plants from the largest to the smallest depending on your taste. Get creative here, all terrariums are different. It is hard to go wrong.

Step 6.

At the time when you have completed planting all the plants, then start to cover the surface with a small layer of sand.

Step 7.

Add decorative stones or ornaments for the final step. The terrarium is finished.






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