How to fix a broken zipper in minutes

Despite the fact that having zipper at different clothes is easier than having to close up buttons, sometimes a zipper may prove to be wrong and just break for different reasons – it can get stuck, it can unzip after you zip it, the teeth may not line up, the zipper pull might break or it just won’t want to stay up. For all these, there are different tips on how to fix it and you can see some of them here below.

Things to use:

  • zipper
  • sewing thread
  • needles
  • Stanley needle nose plier


Things to do:

  1. One of the main things that could happen while zipping up is that the zipper teeth just do not want to line up. Despite of the fact that this can happen rather frequently, repairing it does not require too much knowledge. First thing you need to do is to remove the metal stopper that is located at the bottom of the zipper. For this you will need the plier. Zip the zipper almost till the bottom and stop right below the last teeth. Now take the plier and use your muscle.
  2. Next thing is to arrange the teeth of the zipper. Just make sure you do not hurt yourself while doing this. Use your fingers for this and rearrange them in a way that they are all equal and neither part is bunched up. Check if what you just did is enough or you need to do more. Zip it to its half and look for the teeth to lock together with one another. 
  3. If the above looks just fine, you will just need to close it now. For this you need a needle and thread. The thread you choose should be strong in order to have strength to hold it as the metal stopper used to. Sew until you can see it is a durable stitch. Make sure to tie it u in a knot in the back of the zipper. 
  4. Now it is time to check if what you did was a quality job. Zip the zipper up and see if there are any more issues. In case it is misaligned with some couple of teeth, just remove the stitch and do this step all again. 

I bet you are now proud of your work with this project that no longer needed to be externalized from your home.


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