How to clean dirty Blinds

cleaning blinds with vinager 2


Want to clean your dirty binds? Here is the tutorial of it. Just follow me.

cleaning blinds with vinager


Mix equal parts vinegar + water in a bowl. 

cleaning blinds with vinager 3


At that point slip an old sock on your hand, dip your hand (with the sock on it) into the vinegar and water mixture and wipe down every individual slat on the blinds.


After every couple of slat, dip the sock on your hand into the cleaner and press it a bit to flush off the earth.

It’s likewise useful to have a second old sock. Once all the supports have been cleaned, slip the second old sock onto your hand and get dry each one slat.

cleaning blinds with vinager 5


The result is beautiful!
Cleaning blinds is not my favorite chore in the world.  (obviously)
But cleaning them is really not that difficult.

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