Hot pads from old jeans

Each one of us has some pairs of old jeans that one no longer uses. However, the solution is not to throw them away, but you can easily recycle them and use them to make different needing things. It is the thick material that they have that will help you with realizing various interesting stuff.

Things to use:

  • pair of old jeans
  • cute colored amterial
  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  • pencil
  • carton
  • thread
  • cotton wool or old towel

Things to do:

  1. For starters you have to prepare the jeans you want to torn apart. Create a template of the shape you want your hot pads to be in order to have all of them the same size. Then take the jeans and start cutting according to the shape you just formed. Every pad should have two faces, so you need two pieces for each.
  2. Make sure you create them thick enough so that it will not burn your hand when you use it. You can stuff some cotton wool or jot towel piece, in order to protect from the heat and as well to give a bigger thickness to it. Then make sure you finish it with sewing very well at the machine in order that the cotton wool does not come out. 
  3. Now it is ready to be used. If you use some funny and nice materials, for sure you will feel that it is too nice to get it dirty. But no worries, you can do some more when you want to.

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