Homemade Recipe for Leather Cleaning

Leather furniture is suitable in almost any type of home, be it traditional or contemporary. Furniture made from leather may be expensive, but it will be a good investment for your money. Leather is not only durable but it also has that chic and elegant look that can make any room look more appealing. They come in various colors and styles, from the classic black and white to vibrant colors that will look great in many modern homes.

 Homemade Recipe for Leather Cleaning

One common complaint with leather furniture however, is that it is quite difficult to clean. Dust may be easy to clean, as you just have to wipe it off with the use of cloth. Stains however, are hard to remove. When you have kids around the home, spills and stains are unavoidable. You also want to retain its shine so that it will not look worn out next to your other furnishings and home décor.

Like me, you probably have tried using various methods and leather cleaners for your leather furniture’s maintenance. While they are effective, they can cost quite a sum of money, especially if you have a lot of leather to clean in your home. I don’t know about you, but I have more important bills and expenses to pay than leather cleaners.

I was searching for inexpensive options of cleaning leathers on the Web and it led me to this page: http://www.diyncrafts.com/2254/home/inexpensive-and-effective-homemade-leather-cleaner. The ingredients are readily available in the kitchen, including olive oil and vinegar. I already have a spray bottle at home, so I do not need to buy one.

When I found this tip in the internet, I immediately tried it. It works just like the commercial leather cleaners you can buy in stores, but without the cost. I forgot the tip about adding eucalyptus though, to remove the sour smell from vinegar.

It is just one minor drawback from using homemade cleaner. But it is one drawback that can be easily remedied. The author of the blog says it is safe to use for regular leather.

I have tried using it on leather furniture and my leather car seats. But it says you can use the recipe for your leather jackets too. I cannot wait to try it on them. Maybe I can make my old leather jackets look brand new. You know how expensive they are now and I do not have the budget to buy new ones.

I was so happy with the tip I got from DIY & Crafts that I explored their website http://www.diyncrafts.com/, in the hope of finding other DIY tips I can apply in our home.

True enough, I found many useful tips that are perfect for homeowners like me who are on a budget. Another thing I love about the blog is that their tips are practical and easy to follow. When you are busy and have other important things on your mind, you most likely do not have the time for complex DIY projects. If you are looking for practical solutions for some common problems at home, DIY & Crafts is the place to go to.

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