Heart – Art 1. long balloon +string+glue. 2. Dry 3. pop balloon ~ could make letters and all sorts of shapes, even try balloon animals ?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you seem to have wasted all the new and interesting ideas along the years you’ve been making presents. No worries, as it seems that you have not. We are here to give you hints on how to make someone special feel truly special.

See the below craft idea of a beautiful heart.

Things to use:

  • 2 long skinny balloons
  • balloon pump –  or just your healthy lungs
  • glue
  • water
  • container for glue
  • yarn
  • pair of scissors
  • pin
  • ribbon
  • newspaper

Things to do:

  1. Take the balloon pump, the two balloons in turn and blow them up. Make sure that you make them quiet the same sizes. Leave a part of the balloon not blowed up, just like it looks like a tail. Be sure to make them rather equally, again. 
  2. After knotting the end, you have to take it gently and tie it to the tail. Make sure that you do not tie it too tight. The end result should be two loopy balloons as shown in the picture below. 
  3. Cut the yarn into several pieces and put them near the paper you prepared, in order to make sure you do not stain anything nearby. Take the glue and put it in a recipient and if you feel that it is too thick, add a little water to it, to make it more watery. 
  4. This is the step when your hands get dirty. Put the yarn pieces into the glue you prepared and make sure they are fully covered. However, do not cover them in excess as the final result may not look as attractive as it is supposed to. Cover you=t balloons with yarn, making sure they are not too covered as to leave some free spaces for the sun to shine afterwards, but as well not too little yarn, as they may not have enough sup[port to stand alone. Let them dry over night on a piece of glass or plastic. 
  5. The next day came and you can continue the masterpiece. Just take a pin or something sharp and Prick teh balloons. The pieces of balloon will come out as the carcass of the yarn will remain. It has to look and feel very hard. Put the balloons next to each other to see if they form a heart or they need to be trimmed a little bit. 
  6. The next steps are just those that will form the actual heart. The best thing to have a beautiful heart shape is to start with the bottom of the balloon. Put the two ends together, without any glue yet, just to start shaping it up. 
  7. Next thing is the top end. For it you have to cut one part of the balloon half cylinder. You can see in the below picture how it should be cut and stick together. 
  8. The end result of teh upper part can be seen below. It has to stick together just perfectly. Now you can start using teh glue again, to stick them well. 
  9. Do the same with the bottom part, and in order to give it more strength after sticking the two pieces together, wrap around more yarn. This will give it more strength and as well extra touch. Leave it rest till the next morning again. 
  10. Next morning you will wake up with your heart ready to be given away. Make sure it is strong, take a ribbon and tie it to it, and enjoy the day and appreciations. 

Isn’t Valentine’s Day a wonderful holiday to remember? For sure it is. And if it is a sunny day, you can add more hint to your heart. Put it at the window and you can see how the sun glow enters in it.

  Source: digu.com


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