Hand Stamped Cloth Napkins

An beautiful wall might be an extraordinary approach to flavor up a plain white room. Instead of add a strong shade to the walls, we thought that a fantastic print might be an exceptional change. The best part about this wall is that its a low cost, high reward venture!

  • craft foam,
  • a little bit of cardboard for mounting,
  • super glu,
  • scissors,
  • little paint brush,
  • dark paint (I utilized acrylic),
  • masking tape




1. Draw out a picture for your stamp onto paper. Remove it and trace the picture onto the craft foam.

2. Remove the foam and mount it onto a bit of cardboard with super glue.

3. Apportion where you need your stamps and mask it with marking tape. That way there is less space for error.
4. Start stamping your wall. (I utilized a little paint brush to apply the paint to the stamp.) If you are stamping on a textured wall as I did, the stamped picture will be blemished.

5. To make the anchor look strong and less as a stamp, I went back over the anchors with a little paintbrush and filled in the gaps. Contingent upon how textured your wall is, this could be a few spots or perhaps improving the greater part of the picture.
6. Continue stamping and filling until you’re all done!

This wall just took a day to finish, and it adds such a delightful touch to the back room. Without a doubt you have to be watchful with your touch-ups, yet don’t need the stays the anchors (or whatever picture you pick) to be completely impeccable! There will be slight varieties, which in my opinion, add considerably more character to the wall!  Happy stamping!

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