Hand made souvenir mini-bucket of sweets

A suggestion for simple, easy, and very charming DIY is this bucket decorated paper. 

You will need: –

  • coffee cup of plain paper –
  • scraps of colored bias –
  • eyelets –
  • decorated tape

How to do it:

1. Cut a piece of decorated duct tape so as to cover the entire length of the cup. ( those pretty ribbons you find here in Mobile and other manufactures )

2. before pasting, make small piece, upwards so that the strap is not grooved, since the glass is tapered, only with ugly stick would ambassadors. Such cuts make even overlapping, unlike the tape does not to appear.

3. to the handle of the bucket, I used a Pedco bias, which I love. It’s super easy to find and very very cheap. Did 2 holes on the sides, at the same time, the bias and pinned with eyelets. If you do not have the preacher Grommets, can stick with hot glue or double sided tape. You’re done! Now you can fill with treats that is so cute! Also made ​​a version with a monogram, which may be the initial of the birthday or baby. This option and more easier still, and customize souvenir.




***DIY source: www.estefimachado.com.br

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