Growing Strawberries in Baskets



Step 1: Line Hanging Basket



Place the basket in a pot to keep it stable while planting, and in the event that it doesn’t have a fundamental liner, line with solid plastic to hold fertilizer and moisture. Cut drainage holes in the liner to avert fertilizer getting waterlogged.

Step 2: Plant Strawberry Just Below Rim of Basket


Water the plants in their pots. Add multipurpose compost to the base of the basket, blending in water-holding precious stones if desire, and arrange plants so the highest point of the root balls are 1in (2.5cm) underneath the basket edge.

Step 3: Fill With Compost


Fill around the plants with more compost, firming as you go. Ensure the basket is not filled to the rim, leaving space for watering, and that the strawberries are not planted deeper than they were in their original pots.

Step 4: Hang and Water


Soak the basket well and allow the water to drain before suspending it from a sturdy and well-secured bracket or hook. Water daily in warm weather and apply a liquid tomato fertilizer every two weeks once fruits appear.




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