Good News for All Gluten and Dairy Intolerant Chocoholics

You know what flourless means? I always used to think that flour was necessary for baking and then I find out that you can bake cupcakes without flour and still with all the good stuff like chocolate and cream cheese, ha ha! Now that’s good news for all you gluten-intolerant cupcake aficionados, double good news for gluten-intolerant, chocolate cupcake fans and triple good news for gluten-intolerant, chocolate cupcake with chocolate cream cheese frosting enthusiasts.


I stumbled upon this dream of a recipe on this website The Kitchen Paper, complete with mouth-watering photos of the flourless chocolate cupcakes with chocolate cream frosting finished product, and it just thrills me to no end to finally getting to have my (mini) cake and eat it, too.

Blogger Mary from Montana sure had the bases covered when she even wrote that you could substitute smart balance for the butter for the lactose-intolerant, great huh?

Maybe Mary came up with this fantastic recipe because, as she mentioned in her blog, one of her favorite desserts is flourless chocolate torte that’s gluten-free and, in her words, she didn’t think it would “translate well to cupcakes.”

Well, it did, with help from a website called Kate from Scratch. So you see how if you want something really bad, you can’t just sit around and be on non-stop wishing mode, you have to do something about it!

All of the ingredients listed to make flourless chocolate cupcakes with chocolate cream frosting are listed in and they are all readily available from your nearest grocery or supermarket, except maybe for the espresso powder which I’m sure the grocery or supermarket personnel would know where to source, in case they don’t have it or have ran out of it (cross your fingers).

Even the procedure is easy because it’s the kind that you do step-by-step and will be relatively simple for first time bakers and of course seasoned bakers like me (ahem, ahem!) will be familiar with the entire procedure. Let me just remind you that the last step, when you make the frosting, says you have to “beat until smooth,” that baker talk for don’t let too much air in or you might end up having flourless chocolate cupcakes with chocolate cream cement frosting, if you get my drift.

Below the recipe you will find other recipes as well. You can try the Berry Buttercream Frosting on the chocolate cupcakes as Mary suggested. I haven’t, but I will soon. There’s also a recipe for Soft Peanut Butter Chocolate Chunk Cookies and Sweet Potato Quinoa Cakes, both of which I’m going to try out, too. Peanut butter, quinoa and sweet potatoes are all good stuff for the body, right?

So not all things that taste delicious can be bad for you,except for the downright bad stuff like pure butter or white chocolate (which I discovered recently isn’t even real chocolate but a concoction of refined sugar, cocoa butter and powdered milk).

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