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Many of today’s celebrities succeed in losing weight right before they give birth. Anyhow, this is not the same thing that happens to today’s “normal” moms. A “normal” mom does not get back in shape so quickly and loses the self-trust and starts having a low opinion about her. How should you take the problem into your hands? What should you eat? What should you do to take better care of yourself? See below.

The way you look at yourself is the mental representation of your body’s map that one uses to judge ones apparel. For the vast majority of us there is a quiet equitable semblance between how we see ourselves and how the others see us. However in a certain degree the image we see about ourselves is subjective and improved and it is what we actually want to look like and the aim we have for ourselves. This image modifies with age and with the things one goes through. If one did not look in the mirror for a month, one would be shocked of what one sees after one month. Let to say, after half a year or a year.
In those cases when the image of a woman suffers major changes, after they give birth, the shock is just as big; despite of the fact that they have suffered these changes in 9 months and they looked in the mirror meanwhile. The image one has of oneself is also formed by what the others tell you. The positive or the negative feedback you receive has a great impact on one. Equally how you feel, thin or fat may have an impact on the others.
Some positive examples of women and how they took their weight into their hands and enjoyed their body are the actresses like – Marylyn Monroe or Anna Nicole Smith. The general impression about them was “wow how sexy they are!”. On the other hand, if instead of being proud of what and who you are, you feel guilty and despise your body, you will transmit the same message to the others.
Another reason that contributes to the misery of new moms is the unreal expectations they have. Some try to have the body they actually never had. This is mostly because of the pressure that comes from mass media and society. The examples that recovered in a week after birth are celebrities that have been on a diet made by a specialist and someone took good care of them along their pregnancy as well. While they do have money to take good care of their bodies, a “normal” everyday mom does not, as one has to focus on one’s child. The vast majority of the women are so tired in the first year after giving birth, that asking them to look at their best is practically inhuman.
Moreover, if you think logically, as the body suffered these changes in 9 months, one cannot expect to recover in a week nor in a month. Despite that there are those that disagree, these exceptions are just a few. The uterus cannot recover as fast as we can and one has to accept this fact.

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The road to beauty
Accepting what you are, how you look, accepting your curves and the not so firm breasts, is one step to feel beautiful again. Then, one should make a list with the good things in one’s life:
• What benefits the child gives you
• How is your body changed in better
• How attractive curves your body has
• What beautiful skin you have
Then one has to think realistic and have normal goals:
• Burn some calories by walking your baby – half an hour equals 126 calories
• Cook – other 106 calories
• Gardening while the baby sleeps – 184 calories
• And do not forget have as much sexual activity as you can – this is a true calories burn mean.
Focus on your family and this will give you satisfaction and feeling beautiful. If you breastfeed you will lose around half a kilo – a kilo per month- therefore, you will recover to your normal weight in around half a year – a year at most

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