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According to the American Association of the Restaurants one of the biggest tendencies as far as eating concerns is eating gluten free food. Why is this thing happening and who should adopt such a diet?

One of the main shelves in a supermarket is the one with gluten free products. This is bigger however, then that shelve with products for diabetics. Even though, the percentage of the people that suffer from diabetes is rather high, more than 10% of the population. According to a research made by an American company, more than 75% of the people that consume gluten free products do not actually have any gluten intolerance. Than what drives them to keep this gluten free diet?
They actually act like this because they believe that these products are healthier and better for the human organism than the normal ones. Moreover, it is believed that in a couple of years the American market of these products will be bigger with 50 %.
What does gluten represent?
The gluten is a protein which one can find in many cereals, which is made of two components that is found in wheat, rye or barley. There are also some cereals that do not contain gluten such as the rice or the corn.
The wheat that does contain gluten can be found in many products, not just in bread. Some of them can be the soup cubes bought from the supermarket, the dehydrated soups, the instant pastry sauces and many others. Fortunately, the legislation nowadays, forces the producers to state on the label if the products contain gluten or not.

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The gluten intolerance is a rare disease and it is not so easily able to be discovered. It is one of the auto immune diseases. The gluten consumption leads to some digestive turmoil such as diarrhea, constipation and also asthenia, articular pains, irritability and many more. The main problem is that the intestine problem produces the incapacity to absorb food, therefore, the person despite eating, he still has vitamins lose and when one talks about a child, he no longer develops normally.
The diagnosis is usually set by making an intestine biopsy. It is important that one knows this diagnosis cannot be put by yourself; some of the symptoms mentioned above related to eating bread does not mean you are gluten intolerant. The actual “epidemic” has at its roots something that started in the United States and that creates many so called sick people. Everything seems to be coming altogether with the idea that gluten may lead to getting fat and if you stop eating gluten containing food, you will lose and maintain your weight. This hypothesis is fa from the truth.
The gluten is a protein and the food that contains it does not mean it has more calories than the food that does not contain it. The human organism is as used to gluten as the chances that so many people suffer from this auto immune disease are very low. Bread is one of the main foods for humans, since the Biblical times.
Treating this intolerance
Gluten intolerance is treated just by eliminating gluten containing food from your everyday life, step by step. With time, the symptoms will diminish and you will feel better. It was observed an improvement with age.
What is really important is to do this under the direct supervision of a doctor. Food containing gluten is essential for the humans and the doctor will know how to take you step by step through this fight.
According to this study, more than 18% of the people that treat from gluten do not actually have any gluten intolerance. Nobody can declare that is gluten intolerant without a doctor – there are more than 300 symptoms that can lead to this conclusion, but none of them are conclusive for each one of us.

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