Getting tanned

Summer is coming and one wants to be tanned as quickly as possible; if it is possible to receive the summer with a perfect tanned and glittering skin.

The secret of a glowing skin
One should use a glittering lotion as the illuminating particles capture the light and show the perfect nuance of tan. Moreover, a little tan will make the skin look more firm. This is a reason for which the Hollywood stars prefer being tanned all year long.
Maintaining the tan glow
Having got the perfect tan – using the spraying tans or going to the tanning salons, one should maintain it as long as possible till the good weather and the sun come out. For this one should say goodbye to the hot baths. The prolonged, really hot baths, are not as healthy as you may think, they dehydrate your skin and also make the tan fade away faster. It is the time to make a change from your winter habits. Choose the shower instead of the bath and make the water temperature be closer to that of your body. Leave the shower gel away, the best friend you have till the sun will shine on the sky and give you a nice and natural tan, is the shower oil. This does not contain many cleaning agents and is softer to the skin than the usual shower gel. For make-up remover, one should choose an oil base make up remover.
This is a must if you want the skin to look flawless. It is advisable to use a hydrating lotion each night before going to bed. Do not forget of your face. Even though you have an oily or mixt complexion, one should at all times use a hydrating cream. Many times, the sebum excess can mislead you, giving you the impression that your complexion is hydrated, but it actually is dehydrated and without any glow. One should take care of one’s complexion and make some treatments based on fresh algae. Do not go for a fruit masque as these can have a bad effect on your skin.
Refresh the tan
While nothing lasts forever, the artificial bronze should be well taken care of if you want it to last. There are various ways to use the tanning lotions or sprays and one should find the perfect one for oneself. For example, for me the perfect tanning means is using the spray. It covers very well, it does not leave marks nor does it fade away easily. Anyhow, once per week or at a week and a half, one should refresh it. One can as well take some of the tanning cream and put it in one’s everyday face cream and use it like this.
Tanning guide
Many of today’s celebrities use tanning skills that are not so bad with the skin like the tanning salons. Some of the celebrities everyone knows are Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, J Lo, Lindsay Lohan. They receive advices from a tanning connoisseur. He states:” If you want a very intense tanning nuance, one should leave the product to act around 8 to 12 hours; preferable overnight. Anyhow, if you want a subtle color, one should leave the product to act around 5 to 6 hours.”

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Beware of cosmetic hair removal
When making this you should take into consideration that the one layer of tan will fade. When you are through with the session, use a calming vegetal extracts lotion, which will hydrate and prevent any irritations.
Make-up and nails
A bronzing powder will offer your skin a copper-colored which will make the tan more visible. For the lips, choose the nude, coral or light pink shades. Do not forget about tge nails – they should emphasize the tan of your skin.

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