Foam Dough = Shaving Cream + Corn Starch

Sometimes, for kid’s messy could mean fun. Do you know why? I don’t know either. But kids really enjoy it especially when they feel they have created something they didn’t have any idea they could with simple materials and such easy steps. And what’s good about this project is that you could just take off the messy stuff from your hands by just washing it with water.

Have you heard about the corn starch and shaving cream craze? If not, let me show you. Using these two ingredients you could make super fluffy foam dough that your children could really enjoy.  Here’s how.

Things Needed : corn starch, shaving cream, big plastic container

Instructions :

Step 1 : Pour at least two boxes of corn starch into the big plastic container.

Step 2 : Pour the whole container of shaving cream into the big plastic container together with the corn starch.

Step 3 : If you want a colorful dough, you may add food coloring. Drop some food coloring directly on corn starch and shaving cream mixture before you mash them. ( You can skip this step if you want white foam dough. )

Step 4 : Mix the corn starch and shaving cream. And you’re done.

So it is literally easy as one, two, three minus the coloring thing. Now you have play dough for your kids. You can let them do these steps and enjoy how messy it could become but I strongly suggest that you set up a place on your yard or anywhere outside your house for it could be really a total mess when you let your kids do this.

Extra Tips : Use different kinds of mold so your kiddo could enjoy it more. Also, you can use a plastic sealed bag if you want to keep the foam dough for weeks.

I hope your kiddos enjoy this simple, fund yet messy activity with you.



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