Flower Pots DIY

Want to restyle your own flowerpots?Here’s how:

1. Materials:
– Pieces of fabric
– Scissor
– Glossy spray paint in the color of your choosing
– Mod podge + paintbrush
– Flowerpots 😉
2. At first take some old flowerpots and now you have to put them on a piece of paper.
3. Spray some layer of color in the flowerpots.
4. Wait for some time to let the flower pot dry.
5. Take out some piece of paper and cut them of your choice. You can use that piece of paper to decorate the flower pot.
6. Put some mod podge on to the area where you want your fabric to be.
7. Now apply the fabric onto the flowerpot. You have to make sure that underneath the fabric there should not be any bubbles. If there are any bubbles then use your finger to rubbing up and down. Let the fabric dry for some time.
8. Apply 2 more layer of mod podge, with a period of time

between the layers to let the mod podge dry.
Put some nice flowers in there and you are done!

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