Eating Bio – Fashion or necessity?

When one sees the price of the Bio food, one thinks whether it is really worth it, whether it really makes a difference in one’s life or is just a fashion thing that is promoted nowadays? The opinions are on both sides – apart from being “fashion” it is also healthy! Anyhow, let us see what all this really means.

organic farming
Everyone has an opinion on what organic and bio really means. Most of the opinions can easily be categorized on the OMG category. At the market one will hear an old lady selling her tomatoes that they are bio, raised in the garden, naturally; a neighbor tells you that the producers lie to the people with the help of the TV and a working colleague tells you that the organic products are far better than the bio ones, as they are cleaner.
Anyhow, let us see – bio, eco and organic are the terms with the same meaning. The difference is that they are more or less popular depending on the country/ state they are used in. for example, in the States, Great Britain or Australia people are fond of using the organic term. In France, people like the “eco” one, while the Italians use the “bio” word. Anyhow, it is important to know that the terms are different but the meaning and the certifications rules are more or less similar – more similar, than less.
What is bio, organic and eco and what is not
First of all, the carrot from the grandma’s garden is neither bio, organic or eco and it would not pass any certification for various reasons – the first one are the pesticides ; if the grandma does not use pesticides, probably the neighbor uses and they migrate through the land and get to the carrot.

organic farm organic vineyard
The true organic production means a lot of hard work. It means that you own a land, you plant on it or you raise animals at least 50 kilometers away from any source of pollution. Moreover, before getting to work, one should make a complete analysis of the soil components and the air components. After this one can start cultivating and raising animals for a five year period, without having the authorization to sell them under the bio etiquette. The soil requires five years to be fully clean and have no pesticides and poisons in it.
How can one recognize an organic original product?

bio logo organic
If the product has 95% organic ingredients it is entitled to have on the etiquette the organic authorization. This is a global rule, no matter whether the product comes from the States, from Europe or from Australia or any other country.
Eating bio means losing weight?
There is actually no connection whatsoever between the bio food and the losing weight problem. Many people are convinced that a bio product will contribute to their diet as well. However, the truth is somewhere in the middle. On a hand, a bio product is healthier and contains things that give you faster the feeling of satiety, as it has more nutrients. On the other hand, one should not think that the organic made sweets will not get you fat and eat as much as you can. The truth is far from this – as they are bio, they can actually have more calories than the ones that are made with chemicals and poor in calories.
Should we eat just eco food?
I do not think that this is a solution, especially nowadays. It is a fact that everything that is not bio has chemicals, pesticides, hormones and other things that can cause your body suffering. However, if one eats a normal portion and does not exaggerates, the results will not be so bad. Anyhow, choosing some bio food does good to your body. Some of the eco products you can easily choose to buy are
– The apples and everything that has a peal. This is especially due to the fact that the pesticides touch the surface of the fruits and infect them
– Tea, cereals and rice as usually the organic ones have a better effect on your body.

apple bio lettuce bio organic veggies organic raddish
Another bio tip is the detergent used to wash your dishes. Choosing a bio solution for your dishes will make them stay eco as well!

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