Easy to follow tutorial on how to tint your mason jars

Mason jars are easy finds. You can always check online for a very affordable price, but the chances are that you have some lying around in your cupboards. And from a simple plain clear mason jar, you can turn them into any color you want. Here are some tips on how you can easily color your mason jars.

Tinted Mason Jars

Things to use :  clear mason jar, school glue, food coloring, water, paper plate, plastic spoon, small round dish.

Here are my simple and easy steps on how I turned my clear mason jar into a colored one :

Step 1 : I started pouring the food coloring in a small round dish and added a tablespoon of water.

Step 2 : I put few tablespoons of school glue in my food coloring and water mixture and carefully pour the mixture into the mason jar. ( You can also make the mixture directly to the mason jar but I prefer doing it separately. )

Step 3 : I added another basin of food coloring into the jar.

Step 4 : I rolled, tilted and twisted the jar until the mixture spread all over the inside of the jar. (Wipe the outer rim of the glass with paper towel if accidentally touched by the mixture. )

Step 5 : If there is so much excess mixture (like I encountered), pour it into another jar and repeat the steps 5 and 6. ( You can also put it back to the round dish and add another mixture again. )

Step 6 : I placed my mason jar faced down on the paper plate to get rid of the excess mixture. I let it dry for at least 45 minutes.

Step 7 : I preheated my oven to 230 degrees and place the mason jars faced down on a foiled baking sheet.

Step 8 : Then I let it dry again upside down for about 10 minutes and flipped them over.

Step 9 : I checked on them from time to time just so I will know if my mason jars needs more time. (If there is still bubbling goo, put back and wait a little more time. Just make sure you turn the mason jars over halfway through to avoid unnecessary outcome. )

Step 10 : I set aside the mason jars and let them cool for a while because they are super hot.

Frosted Mason jars

Making your mason jars frosted is easy as pie. With just school glue, food coloring, water, and kitchen tools, you can have a beautiful frosted effect.

Here are my easy four steps :

Step 1 : I started mixing the white glue with a spoonful of water in a small round dish.

Step 2 : I stirred it and added some drops of food coloring. ( You can add more food coloring depending on your preference and make sure to mix it well )

Step 3 : I brushed the outside layer of the jar with my mixture using a sponge brush. ( It’s up to you if you want a regular paint brush )

Step 4 : I left the mason jars dry overnight and shoot! I’m amazed how cool it became. I so love the frosted effect.

And so that’s it! I hope you like these two easy steps. Feel free to comment on any mason jars ideas you want me to do.

Source: stampinup.com

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