lace sleeve tank DIY -  hair


lace sleeve tank top DIY-1

* Cotton spaghetti strap tank top
* Lace trim about 6inches wide
* Needle/Thread/Pins/Scissors


lace sleeve tank top DIY-2

* Starting about an inch or two from the closure of your ribbon trim, stick the front of the lace down and along the strap of your tank. It’s better not to cut anything prior.

lace sleeve tank top DIY-3


* Hand stitch or machine sew your lace to your strap.

lace sleeve tank top DIY-5


* Cut the excess lace trim.

lace sleeve tank top DIY-6


* Overlap one edge of ribbon over the other then hand stitch your finishes together making a loop.

* The lace sleeves will stick straight out when lying level. You may decide to squeeze the underarms together and include a couple of stitches or make a dart of sorts, yet when you wear the top, your arms will do this naturally.

And there you go

DIY lace sleeve tank


lace sleeve tank top DIY-9




*DIY source: http://www.lovemaegan.com/

*Photo credit: http://www.lovemaegan.com/

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