Easy DIY instructions for pretty glass refrigerator magnets

Do you fancy a personalized refrigerator but do not actually want to receive or buy magnets of different shapes and forms and designs representing all kind of things?

We do have a solution for this as well. Make your own fridge magnets. They will look fancy, profi and the final result will be a personalized fridge.

Things to use:

  • clear glass pebbels
  • colored paper or designed paper of your choice
  • glue gun or some sort of strong glue
  • magnets

Things to do:

  1. Prepare all the things to have them near you. Make sure that you have everything ready for this project. 
  2. Take the pieces of paper that you chose and try to cut a round shape, the size of the pebbels you chose. try to make them as perfect for the needed size as possible. They will not look ok if they are too little or too big. 
  3. Take the prepared glue and put a drop of it in the middle of the round shape you just made. This will give it a 3D look and more like a crystal effect that the magnets need. 
  4. Take all the pebbels in turn and put them over the paper shape you just formed,
  5. Turn them upside down, take the glue you have again and put it all over the back of the paper. It should cover the entire back in order to have good stability. Then take the magnet and put it over the glue. Let them dry for half a day, just to make sure they will stick.
  6. The magnets are ready to use. Make sure that the friends that come over will notice them and sell your tips to them. 

 Image source: deborahvelasquez.blogspot.com


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