Easy DIY graphic tee




Super simple DIY- GRAPHIC Tee’s!!! These tops are all around from Wildfox to Topshop, to Brandy Melville and UO. As opposed to paying $30- $70+, I thought it’d be much shabbier to simply make one!

So I think they turned out pretty cute….

I just made two, yet here’s the completed item and the “How To” below



Materials you need: 
1. Tshirts (cropped or not)… I got these at Rue21 for about $6 ea.
2. Seam ripper (if you plan to take the pockets off like I did)
3. Transfer Paper (found at Jo-ann’s or Hancock fabrics) about $10
4. A computer, and a printer
5. Iron
6. Scissors (if you want to make a crop top)
First I took the small pockets off of the shirt with a seam ripper

Next I establish two pictures I preferred from google: lips and a pineapple and printed them off utilizing the printing paper. Make certain TO FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS THAT COME WITH THE PAPER EXACTLY!!! exceptionally imperative. I squandered a few sheets of paper in light of the fact that I didn’t accompany the headings fine

At that point you Iron on the pictures (likewise demonstrated in the bearings that accompanies the exchange paper)










Then you’re done!!!


* DIY source: http://fashionstudentdaily.blogspot.com/2013/07/easy-diy-graphic-tee.html

*Photo credit: http://fashionstudentdaily.blogspot.com/2013/07/easy-diy-graphic-tee.html

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