Easy, Cheap Homemade Kids Crafts: Woven Pipe Cleaner Cans



Supplies You Will Need For This Kids Craft:

One clean empty tin can with label removed (size can vary, but a pipe cleaner needs to go around it)

2 sets of 8 pipe cleaners in the colors of your choice

4 sets of 6 pipe cleaners in the colors of your choice

glue gun (this part will require adult supervision)

Step 1:

Assemble your channel cleaners. You will require something like 8 of each for your two vertical colors (two sets of 8) and about 6 of each for your woven colors (four sets of 6) Depending on the size of your can, you may require pretty much of these colors. You can just have them weave an excess of in and after that take unneeded lines out. The main thing you have to focus before beginning is that the length of the can is not more greater than the length of a pipe cleaner.



Step 2:

Design your funnel cleaners for your pattern. I exceptionally suggest finding a flat piece of cardboard or even a rectangular tray to work on, one you can put tape on. This makes it easy for your kid to work, and additionally for them to carry out the project around. We taped our own to a plastic secured canvas, however utilize whatever you can discover.

When you have your two vertical colors laid out, tape them to your board. We utilized scotch tape, yet pipe tape and other tape will work fine.





Step 3:

Utilizing your other 4 sets of pipe cleaners, begin weaving a pattern. Begin with one, heading over and under. For the following channel cleaner, do the inverse, under and over. You will exchange weaving over and under, under and over until you have utilized all your pipe cleaners. As you work, you have to push the funnel cleaners up when you complete each one column.














Step 4:

Trim the ends of the pipe cleaners. Make sure first that your item is long enough to fit around the can. If you have too many, you can remove a row. If you need more, you can add some. On your horizontal rows, you can actually fold the ends of the pipe cleaners over or under, whichever be the case, and then trim them. For the vertical rows, you are going to want to leave at least a half inch to fold over the top and bottom of the can.

Step 5:

Using a hot glue gun secure one side of your weave to the can. It is much easier to put the glue on the can than on the pipe cleaners.  Press the edges of the horizontal woven pieces onto your can, being careful not to burn yourself on the hot glue.

***DIY source: diyready.com




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