Easy Baby Bootees – knitting

Making baby bootees can be so much fun – as they are petite, colored and you can use your imagination for all sorts of color combinations. Apart from this they are a good starter into the knitting world.

They do not need special needles to make either, as they are made by using simple knitting patterns.

Things to use:

  • 3mm knitting needles
  • baby wool of the color of your choice

Things to do:

  1. Start by making 26 stitches in the Garter stitch. You have to make 10 rows of these. After these first 10 rows just bind off 10 stitches at the beginning of the row and work on it until you finish the row. When you begin the next row, bind off another 10 stitches and continue to work on it until the end of the row. Now you only have left 6 stitches. Continue knitting these 6 stitches for another 20 rows. Bind off and the first part of this process is ready.
  2. What you got now is a T shaped letter bootee. The upper and wider part will actually be the bottom and the thinner part will be the front of the bootee.  
  3. Take the side of the upper part of the T and place it on the foot bed, or the wider part. This will start the bootee forming. 
  4. Take the other part of the T and place it over the two parts above. After this, take a needle and a sew what you just did, so that it will hold still. Sew at the tows and both sides, as well. In finishing it, just turn it inside out. 
  5. Your bootee is ready to be worn. Was it hard? 

Source: duitang.com


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