I saw these fun straws at Target, and before I knew what I was going to do with them I took them home. (Currently in the Target easter section for $3 per canister.) These were going to be put to use, no matter what…. I obviously had to grab some jelly bellies while I was there as well so when I dumped the contents of my Target bag on my table when I got home, it occurred to me that they were made for each other;)
Use straws that are wide enough to slide down your favorite small Easter sweets (3/8 in.).
(Jelly Beans, Tic-Tacs, Nerds, etc.)
Use bright washi tape  to cover and seal the ends. Make sure it is sticky enough to stay put.
These are fun to stick in easter straw for a party display or just hide them in deserving Easter Baskets.
Can’t wait to surprise my little ones with these in a few weeks!

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