Earring Tutorial: Upcycled Geometric Earrings



We are all acquainted with the $1 segment of our nearby Target store, correct? Not just do I cherish that area, I particularly adore when it goes 70% off! I generally grab different types of irregular things I don’t require however can justify for  30 pennies. I recently picked a few of these plastic beach pouches, intending one for real beach use and the other for crafting. Look out in the $1 area or the $1 store – I know you can find something like upcycle into earrings. Let’s get started>



Supplies: Circle craft punch (this one is about 1.75 inches), earring wires, scissors, some kind of semi-thick plastic with a design and a hole punch. Optional (not pictured): alcohol inks.



Step 1: Cut away all the extra material on your $1 find – leaving just the design you want to work with.



Step 2: Use your craft punch to cut out as many shapes as you can fit onto the piece of plastic you are working with. I wasn’t too specific about where I punched on the design – I mainly focused on getting an even number of circles. I matched the designs after I had the circles punched out.



Step 3: Use a regular hole punch (or a small craft hole punch, like I did) to cut holes at the top of your circles.



Step 4: Slip earring wires through the holes at the top of your circle. Pinch the earring wire shut with your fingers or pliers. Voila! You are done.


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