Drinking without getting drunk

Going to parties is a think most people do and some unexperienced one can easily get drunk and have a bad denouement. Usually it goes like this:

drunk women
At around 7PM one sees everything glamourous, relaxed; one feels sexy and smiling and believes the party will turn out a real hit. After three hours one starts to feel rather dizzy and see that the walls move along with one; or do they just move and you stay sit? Too much drink may be the reason behind this uncertainty. At 12PM you keep hearing that the bodies and also unknown people tell you to be quiet. You do not actually know why and you really do not hear yourself talking bad things nor that loud. After a couple of hours you start dancing with sexy movements with an unknown or you just walk around the street talking with strangers.
This is a script that many have passed through. Anyhow, let us begin with the first rule – stop wanting to do what others want you to. After a hang-over you always say it is the last time; you hate staying in bed, with bad headaches, with vomiting feeling. You have to start realizing what enough means for you.
If you really want to know why you keep getting drunk easily, you should know that is all about genetics. According to a study made at the University of California some people have in their bodies a lower concentration of enzymes that help alcohol to evaporate easily from the body. Moreover, the capacity to resist to alcohol is directly connected to the liver dimension, to what weight you have and to your diet.
Anyhow, one glass of alcohol needs two glasses of pure water. Do this math when you go out with your friends and no one will notice and you will feel like being a part of the party as well; along with taking good care of oneself.
Getting well after a hangover
Most of us do not really know what to do after a hangover and how to treat one. Too much coffee will dehydrate you, the energizing drinks will force your weakened organism and the food will give you nausea sensations.
Also one should not overreact with the pills; they will do nothing more than to irritate your stomach more. As far as the water concerns it will do you well, but it will not free you from the symptoms of the hangover.
Adam Rogers advises one that the hangover is actually the effect of an inflammation.


cactus fruit Asparagus coconut water
What should one do?
First of all, stop drinking so much and eat before you go to a party. Anyhow, if the deed is done you should drink a lot of warm water with lemon – as it is a very good detox and it both cleans the organism and gives it vitamins. Then, start eating something consistent but easy – such as a boiled egg with a slice of bread, some avocado and salad, and also white fish; getting out at fresh air, later in the evening of the next day, will also do you good.
Some of the things that really work are
– Clotam – is a medicine that according to the studies do good for hangovers and lowers its symptoms
– Extract from cactus fruit – if you take it before the party it may reduce from the intensity of nausea sensation
– Asparagus – it is very good for an irritated stomach
– The coconut water – it hydrates you and it will make you feel better
– The injection treatment – despite of the fact that it is not so nice to do one, it is believed to be one of the most efficient for the hangovers.

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