Don’t Throw Away Your Old Flip-Flops!

Flip-flops and sandals are very comfortable to wear, which is why many people love wearing them especially during the summer months. People usually wear them in beaches. But nowadays, you will find many people strolling in the malls, parks and other places wearing flip flops instead of shoes. Flip-flops have become a fashion statement in many countries. Teenagers and even adults wear them to look fashionable. They come in every style and color to match various outfits.

You can find complete tutorial for this DIY Flip Flops here:

10 DIY Flip Flops Ideas

However, fashionable flip-flops or sandals can be expensive. If you love wearing them like I do, and you want to have one in every color to match the clothes in your wardrobe, then you may need to spend a lot for each pair.

But Fashionable Diva Design shows you that you don’t have to buy expensive flip flops to look fashionable. All you need are some accessories, ribbons and a glue to transform cheap flip-flops into cute sandals.

I never thought it is that easy to make cute sandals from cheap flip-flops until I visited My favorite out of all the designs shown in the web page is the white one. I think it will look good with my summer dress and other clothes in my wardrobe. The other designs in the page are also perfect for my other outfits. Now, I will not have to worry about my footwear every summer with the many great ideas from Fashion Diva Design.

I tried the green one with the brass rings first, because out of all designs, it was the easiest for me to do. It will be good practice before I proceed with the more intricate designs.

But believe me, I cannot wait to try out those too and show them off to my friends. By the way, they wouldn’t believe me when I said I made the sandals I am wearing myself and they asked me how I made it.

So if you have old flip-flops in your shoe cupboard, don’t throw them out yet without checking out the unique ideas from Fashion Diva Design. Imagine how much money you save from reinventing your old flip-flops into new and fashionable ones.

There is also a sense of pride in making your own sandals instead of buying them. You can turn this hobby into a good side business as well. You buy cheap flip-flops, transform them and sell them at a higher price.

The fun doesn’t end there. Fashion Diva Design’s website, offers more unique ideas for fashion divas like you and me. I have saved a lot of money because of the tips I got from them. If in the past, I simply throw out old things lying around the house.

Now, I keep them just in case Fashion Diva Design will come up with great ideas where I can use them. I’ve learned that I do not need to spend money on expensive designer clothes and shoes just to be fashionable. Fashion Diva Design has showed me that it just takes creativity and resourcefulness.

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