DIY Wood Frame Favors


We’ve all seen those economical square wood frames at our neighborhood crafts stores. These excellencies, with their engaging stickers and ready availability, are prepared for not one – however Two, incredible Wedding DIYs. With the same set of supplies, we’ll demonstrate to you how to utilize a wood-burning pen to make some truly remarkable and reusable piece of wedding greatness.

Here’s what you require:

– Wood picture frames

– Wood Burning Pen

– Graphite Transfer Paper

– Pencil with eraser

– Painter’s Tape

– Paper

– Cardstock for table numbers

– Scissors

– Ruffled Editable Pdf Template

– Printable table numbers




The First Way: The Frames as Escort Cards with Table Assignments…

Step 1: Set up and print your arrangements

Leveraging Ruffled’s template Pdf, fill out the record with the names of all your visitors. At that point, modify the Table Assignment squares with your own Table Numbers/names. The point when prepared, print the frame templates with the names on standard computer paper (you’ll just utilize it for tracing). Then customize the table assignment squares on general paper or for a more completed look, on white cardstock. Remove the table assignment squares to fit in the middle of your frame and set aside til the end of the project.


Step 2: Transfer your name outlines to the edges

Utilize a scissor to cut the frame with visitor name template out so its the size of your genuine frame. Tape it to the highest point of the frame with painter’s tape. Accompany by sandwiching a piece of graphite paper, graphite side touching the frame, between the template and the frame itself. Press down immovably with a pencil and follow the printed name design. The point when finalized, you ought to have the ability to lift the paper and the graphite paper and see your design left behind ready to follow with the wood-burning pen.


Step 3: Burn the Frame

With this font, we utilized a angled level tip on the wood-burning pen. Connect it in and permit it to hit for 4-5 minutes using. We additionally propose wrapping the pen in a little towel to make it easier/less hot to hold as you “write.” Set the pen to the design you exchanged onto the wood. Grip the angles and any straight lines you’re equipped to make as you press the hot tip to the wood.


Step 4: The Finishing Touches

Glide your hands over the wood-burned design to gently remove any remaining graphite. You could utilize an eraser, yet we considered that rubbing gently with our hands was sufficient to evacuate anything and not leave any eraser buildup.

Right away you’re all set – all you have to do is pop in the suitable table number in the frame for every visitors and set them out on a table. Your visitors will adore all the thought you put into their escort cards and delight in taking them home as an unique favor as well.



You can give this as a last wedding party gift by simply adding your bridesmaid’s name to the lowest part. On the other hand, you can utilize the second part of the Pdf to include “Will You Be My Bridesmaid?” to the highest point of the casing, wood-blazed as you might the name, to make an unique approach to ask your young ladies to be a part of your bi

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