DIY Wicker Basket Using Newspaper

Newspaper cut into equal strips.
With the help of a stick skewers wrap strips in the tube.

Smear glue only horn.
Tube ready. (Swab of course draw.)
We need a little more.


Crucify each other tubes, the amount depends on the size-woven basket. These will be our warp tube.
We begin weaving the bottom of the basket. Recently frequently use octal convolution involving the wyplataniu while the two tubes. At the beginning of a new tube I bend in half and charges her four tube bottom. Its two ends are the two tubes which I weave.
This tube that went upside next move charge another four tubes from the bottom, and vice versa – the one that went bottom now charge tube from the top.
Tubes plaiting prolong putting in no more.
In the second lap I separate the warp tube in half and interlaced.
In the next lap again I separate the warp tube, interspersed with each separately.
Produces a “sweetheart”.
We do this until the bottom of the basket would be the appropriate size.
In the next stage, we can use a form, it is especially suitable for large baskets.
We raise up the tube warp and charges the same weave.
And again – weaves to the desired height.
Just finish the edge (shown soon on another basket) and basket ready.
I hope that someone useful to this course, or at least will encourage further research in the topic paper wicker.

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