DIY – Vintage Wood Stain

If you want to give a photo a unique old feeling, choosing to combine it with old wood would just be the answer to your problem. Therefore, you need to look for some possibilities to turn the wood into an old looking one. Apart from this it will just bring out of the photo the old memories.

Things to use:

  • steel wool
  • coffee
  • vinegar
  • unfinished wood photo frame
  • cloth
  • photo

Things to do:

  1. Take the first three things above, the steel wool, the coffee and the vinegar and mix them well together. Let them mix more over the night. It will form a good brown coffee like mixture. 
  2. Prepare the unfinished wood frames that you want to turn into vintage and put them next to you, in order to come in handy when you want to decorate them. 
  3. Take a piece of cloth and soak it into the mixture that laid over the night. Then just rub on the wooden frames. Rub it twice in order to put more accent on the vintage idea. 
  4. Then let it dry for at least 20 minutes, so that the composition will enter smoothly into the wood. 
  5. It is almost ready. Take a photo and complete the vintage photo frame. 

This is a rather quick project you can make anytime.



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