DIY Upcycled Muslin Baby Wrap


Here is yet another easy and simple craft tutorial to help you make a DIY stamp that might be utilized to upcycle old child wraps.

What you need

  • Fabric paint or any paint paired with this amazing fabric medium***
  • A muslin wrap or blanket
  • Craft foam**
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A block to adhere the fox to




DIY Stamp

1. Discover and follow or draw a basic picture that you love onto heating paper in pencil.*

2. Turn the paper over so the pencil side is touching the craft foam and follow along the back so you exchange the picture onto the foam.

3. Use the scissors to remove the state of the foam.

4. Precisely stick the shapes onto a wooden square.

DIY hand printed baby blanket 

1. Lay your blanket or muslin wrap out on a piece of cardboard. Pour your paint into a bowl and dip the stamp in. Clean around the edges before you stamp the fabric to keep the print clean.  Stamp the fabric in a consistent pattern making sure to keep going to the edge even if it means you have half a fox hanging off the edge. This will make it look more professional.  After it has dried, iron the fabric to set the paint.


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