DIY: tiny toddler tutu



> 3/4″ elastic: [desired diameter]” + 1″
– ex: i wanted a 16″ toddler-sized waistband so i cut 17″ of elastic
> needle & thread
> scissors
> tulle – 6″ wide spools are easiest
– i used a whopping 75yd, but this can vary depending on:
– size of the waistband
– length of tutu
– amount of fluffiness desired
– i.e. you are going to need a whole lotta tulle if you’re making this for yourself
> optional: 7/8″ ribbon in coordinating color
– i used approximately 5yd for the 16″ waistband
> optional: cardboard that is 2x[desired length of tutu]” long
– ex: for a 10″ long tutu, i cut my template 2x(10″) = 20″ in length
– this will make your life much easier for cutting the tulle


01. overlap ends of elastic by 1″ and sew together to form a 16″ waistband

02. wrap an entire spool of tulle (25yd) around the 20″ long cardboard template…
         …then cut tulle at both ends of the template

– you can use a rubber band to hold the strips in place before cutting

you should end up with a stack of tulle strips, 6″ wide and 20″ long

03. pull elastic onto your thigh and start knotting each strip of tulle in half around the waistband until you reach desired fullness
keep knotting…
keep knotting…
once you are done knotting your tulle strips onto the waistband,
it is ready for wearing!


if you’re feeling a little extra-ambitious…
you can add ribbon to the waistband to make it fancier!
i was inspired by {treasures for tots}…but i did mine a bit different.

04. start in the middle of a knot:

this is what it will look like after a few turns of the ribbon:
when you have wrapped the entire waistband,
tie a knot with the other end to secure the ribbon,
then make a pretty bow.


il_340x270.449464077_2cqg tutu_4249







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